I am different from your average psychiatrist, because I integrate additional tools beyond just the use of medications and psychotherapy to help you with issues related to stress and anxiety.


I dealt with anxiety on a daily basis and wouldn't leave my house and couldn't focus on work and live day to day. Dr Pavel has changed all of that. He's made my relationship with my girlfriend so much better, I actually landed a better career opportunity and started living my daily life again.
- B. G. , Financial Advisor, Staten Island
"I was on a very high doses of Prozac, which I had taken for years for my OCD, anxiety, and depression. After just 2 months of weekly EFT sessions,I feel as good about myself and my future as I ever did. I'm down from 80 mg of Prozac a day to only 10 mg and I'm getting ready to stop it altogether¦ I had no hope I would graduate college and felt unsure about holding my job. Now I plan to get into graduate school and even applied for a supervisory position at work."
-Michael, Staten Island
"A close friend of mine suggested Dr. Pavel to me, knowing I could greatly benefit, and said it's a great change¦I never got the courage to make an appointment. Then, some months later, I had my first anxiety attack. My first impression after leaving Dr Filimonov's office was that I was in the best hands. His approach was entirely focused on me¦a session would not end unless there was a deep feeling of change on my part. He brings his own vast experiences and approach to life to our sessions, and is able to take any issues I may have apart like they are material¦and put them back together in a way I can understand and manage."
-Anonymous, Social Worker, NYC
"I have been working with Dr. Pavel for the past 5 months. When I first met him, I was suffering from anxiety that was clearly heading into depression. Through the Emotional Freedom Technique, he taught me to control the anxiety¦ Thank you, Doctor!"
-Frank, businessman
"I came to Dr. Pavel on high doses of medication. He took the time to explain and show me that it was not necessary, and more than that, it was making me disabled! At first, I was very anxious, I was dependent on these medications to keep me going in life, but as I worked with the doctor, I felt he was real, and kind, and his desire was to find ways to help me. I am in college now for my Masters degree.
-T., Staten Island
"Doctor Pavel found a way to show me that I need to change what I eat. He tested and told me that I have gluten intolerance, and eating wheat and sugar was actually contributing to my depression."
-L., Retired, Brooklyn, NY
"I am so happy to have met Dr. Pavel. He is the first psychiatrist that I have met who does not rely solely on psychotropic medication."
- Nick, High School Teacher, NYC

Are you a professional person or an entrepreneur who:

. . .would like to wake up refreshed and excited to start your day, but struggle to get out of bed because your are overwhelmed with stress and worry?

. . .constantly feels anxious, unable to confidently present your work to clients, colleagues or superiors?

. . . feels like  always being in a survival mode, just trying to get by?

. . .is starting to suspect something is œseriously wrong with him or her, and thinking only medications will help, but is afraid of side effects and possible dependency?

. . .would like to find a single practitioner who is an expert in western medicine, psychotherapy and alternative healing practices?

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