How To Know If You Need Relationship Stress Psychiatrist

How To Know If You Need Relationship Stress Psychiatrist

Starting a new relationship is simple but maintaining it can be stressful & challenging. You need to take care of another person’s needs. Any relationship that starts happily can end up badly by leaving scars on your heart and mind. So, what to do to avoid such stress? Is it entirely your fault to become so reactive to the external factors?  Whatever the reasons, relationship stress is toxic to our health. It can intensify the health issues that we already dealing with. Our emotions start to play with us, we tend to start smiling, laughing, crying, punching the walls out of anger and can become sad all of a sudden.

You might be going through the below-listed reasons, just understand whether you can handle it alone or need the assistance of relationship stress psychiatrist:-


Are you someone who is going through a lot of conflicts & negative moments with your partner? These negative emotions are making you sad & depressed that you can’t able to see positivity in all most anything that is happening around you. Stress brings out people’s worst traits that pushes your loved one away from you. Who wants to be with someone who yells, screams, blames, and cries for no reason.

The psychiatrist will help you to find out the source of depression and listen to your problem to assist you to control your emotions.

The decline in work performance

If you are unable to focus on your work and keep on thinking about your relationship, partner, kids, family & other people you can’t able to concentrate on the important work in hand, which will lead to delays & missed deadlines. Because of these reasons, you will be more stressed and disturbed.

Misuse of alcohol & drugs

To cope up with this stressful situation many take the help of alcohol & drugs, which eventually causes more trouble for them. They become addicted, alcoholic, smoker and unhealthy. These are an unhealthy way to deal with relationship stress. You can’t run away from the problems without dealing with them. In simple terms, Alcohol is not the solution but a problem in itself.

Mood Swings:

The person who used to make you feel special, all of a sudden blocked you from their life. Yes, it is depressing. It can make you wonder about many things that can drastically affect your mood. You can feel sad and happy at the same time. Ups and downs in mood can make you irresponsible & unreliable. Dealing with mood swings is not easy.

 Change in sleeping & eating habits

When people broke up or end any loving relationship, they try to find a way to escape from reality or overthink about their current situation over and over.  Few people sleep for 10- 12 hours a day after a breakup and few become insomniac.  These changes in sleep patterns can make you more aggressive, irritable & moody.

Weakened immune system

Stress has an adverse effect on our health, be it relationship stress or any type of stress, it weakened our immune system.

It affects the mind & body at the same time. Whereas, a healthy relationship can make you more active, energetic & happy.

Mental Health

 A toxic relationship is not at all fulfilling, energy-sucking & emotionally exhausting.  If you’re staying mentally disturbed and find yourself yelling on others even for the smallest problem, then you should treat your mental health.

An unhealthy relationship can cause a lot of trouble for you. You should heal yourself first to make any change around you. In this process, an experienced relationship stress psychiatrist can help you to improve your mental clarity and solve your problem.

It’s better to seek support from a relationship stress psychiatrist who can improve your mental health in a tough time like Divorce or Marital Problems. Meet Pavel Filimonov, a holistic and integrative psychiatrist who offers treatment of mental health conditions & helps people to handle relationship stress.

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