How I Can Help

How I can Help?

Maybe the best answer could be this fragment of  the letter I recently wrote to a patient:

Dear M.,

Yes you are right seeking help, but what kind of help?

Certainly, not an automatic prescription for an antidepressant as an only result of a 15 min visit to a conventional psychiatrist!

I know, I used to be that psychiatrist some 8-9 years ago, when I just didn’t know any better how to help in situations like yours…

And probably not going into a talk therapy, even though therapy can be very helpful: it’s just too long, and vague and unpredictable in your situation

The truth is, you are in a serious situation, and in order to break the vicious cycle, you need a lot of real support -on ALL LEVELS of your system SIMULTANEOUSLY!

This is how it goes.

First, we’ll need to raise the level of wellness in your body, which is probably seriously weakened by now due to the burden of chronic stress. For that, we will need to take your history and run bunch of blood tests in order to identify possible hormonal, metabolic and immunological imbalances and then – to start balancing  things back, using supplements, not drugs, and adjusting your diet and lifestyle accordingly. This approach is called Functional Medicine.

We will start helping you to change the way you eat, sleep and exercise, which can be a process, but is certainly possible-and VERY important! And I will support and guide you on this way as your consultant, counselor and your personal wellness coach.

Now, helping your body on a biological level is often crucially important, but can be almost useless unless we address your main emotional problems. After all, your unconscious mind is powerful enough to sabotage any biological bodily treatments!  

And we will need to do it quickly and efficiently because as you already know, just talking about problems doesn’t help much…

This is why we’ll use something much more powerful than “just talking”:  Energy Psychology (EP). This is rapidly growing field of alternative body-mind techniques, combining achievements of Western science with principles and insights of ancient Eastern medicine.

To put it simply, you could think of it as Acupressure for Emotions, because this approach combines advantages of Western psychotherapy with the principles of the ancient Chinese medicine.

Those scientifically proven tools can instantly resolve difficult emotions, one by one, creating totally different perspectives, and giving you an opportunity to move forward and let go of your old ways to perceive, feel, think and do things!

And the beauty of the EP techniques is that I will help you to learn them yourself and become your own therapist during our work together.

Check out this link with 100+papers published in most respected peer-reviewed journals for scientific research on Energy Psychology techniques

As a result of this truly Holistic work together, you can find yourself feeling surprisingly calm and confident – all within matter of several weeks of treatment, just like hundreds of my patients did.


We know that every person is uniquely different, and that’s why in order to see how this approach is applicable in your case, we need to have a good conversation – my Preliminary Psychiatric Consultation/Evaluation.

This is what we will focus on during this 90 min consultation:

~preliminary look into meanings of your main stressors, conflicts and losses and how their may be connected with your symptoms;

~could you need medications?

~look into your eating and sleeping patterns and their possible role;

~things which could go wrong in your body right now, and why we should bother. Examples:

-hormonal issues (mostly low thyroid and estrogen dominance);

food sensitivities (gluten is the biggest culprit!);

– nutrients deficiencies (vit. D, B12, Folate, Magnesium, iron, Omega3 fatty acids all widespread);

blood glucose issues (it’s NOT about diabetes!);

gut inflammation and its connection to brain (hugely important!)

Each one of the above issues can be contributing to your stress, anxiety, overwhelm and lack of motivation…

And of course we will discuss Holistic treatment, addressing and resolving Root cause of your issues on the levels of your biology, your emotions and thought patterns, subtle energy system in your body, your human connections and your spiritual growth.

Let’s schedule your Initial Evaluation to closest available time and start the ball rolling.

Just call my office at 718-690-6326.

Talk soon,

Dr. Pavel










Please take a note that my Holistic Treatment Program will be covered  only if your insurance plan  has an out -of-network benefit.